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I am Lisa Bluhm Mrs. Pacific Northwest 2010-2011. I am competing in March for the title of Mrs. Washington. The Mrs. Washington Pageant is about making a difference. As a contestant I volunteer my time and talents to serve charities and organizations. I am also an active participant in my community. I am passionate about many different organizations and leave myself open to be able to support or participate in as many as I can.

My platform is called "Unlock Your Potential". It has always been my passion to inspire and encourage others to discover their goals or dreams and then teach them the steps to achieve success. When I hear people say I could never do that, I am not talented or anything that is negative towards their capabilities I feel called to action to help them see they have the potential to do or be anything they want to be. It may not be the same goals or dreams someone else has but their own personal challenges that lie within them. Once they realize they have the potential and they can achieve their dreams they are on their way to achieving success in their life. It can be as simple as getting their house organized or running a marathon. I am able to use my personal experiences in trials and triumphs as examples to encourage and inspire them on their journey. Throughout the year I will be featuring different peoples stories and sharing how they have unlocked their potential. Will you be one of them? Contact me with your story I would love to hear about it!

It is my desire to be Mrs. Washington so that I may represent the married women of our state. I consider it an honor and a responsibility. I take this role seriously. With my 22 years of marriage and a lifetime of experiences I am ready to continue fulfilling my role as a leader and a mentor. As Mrs. Washington I will have the opportunity to reach out to even more people in our state sharing my platform and have more opportunities to volunteer and bring awareness to non profit organizations that make our state so great.

I have unlocked my own potential in many areas of my life. Competing in marathons and triathalons, leading women's groups, leading children's groups, coaching teams and starting my own business. After being a stay at home mom for several years I took my passion for creating soldered art and shared it with others. My company Simply Swank llc was born! I developed my own technique and product line that is now sold in stores globally. I am also the author of Simple Soldered Jewelry and Accessories, the host and instructor of Simply Solder DVD and am currently writing a new book.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Mrs. Washington Pageant Meeting 10/23

We had another fun meeting to prepare for the upcoming pageant. Beth Kovacevich Mrs. Washington 1996 hosted the workshop in her beautiful home. Kristal Grimstead Mrs. Washington 2003 also was there to help out. We had a great time getting to know everyone better and hear their stories of why they are running for Mrs. Washington 2011. We have such a diverse group of amazing women who truly want to make a difference.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Seattle Wedding Show

Mrs. Seattle Tamara Deporter and I helped out at the Seattle Wedding Show for our designer friend Irina. Irina is the owner of Ateile Coutoure. She creates amazing beautiful original works of art. She specializes in wedding gowns. She is an inspiring woman who works hard and treats everyone she meets with such love and care. It is truly important to her to bring out the best in people by creating clothing that will help them to feel beautiful and confident.

The show was bustling with blushing brides! It was fun to get to chat with them and listen to their excitement on their upcoming weddings. The fiances that attended were so sweet and you could tell so many of these couples were head over heels in Love! As Mrs. contestants it was fun to be an example of successful married women. Brides need to remember there is more to marriage than just the wedding!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Meals with Volunteer Center of Thurston, Mason & Lewis Counties

December 23rd my son Jordan joined me in delivering meals to homebound seniors in Olympia. The meals were all prepared by volunteers and delivered by volunteers. We went to an apartment complex downtown that is managed by Chere. She helped us with a list and kept any of the meals that we could not deliver for the recipients to pick up later. The building has 6 floors so we had a few other volunteers help cover the building. All of our meal recipients were home for us to give them their meals. We met many wonderful people who were grateful for the delicious meals. One of our favorites was "Larry the Fox" as he is called. We spent quite awhile chatting with him. He has lead a very interesting life and is an amazing artist.
When we were done delivering the meals my son told me how great it made him feel to do something to help others. I am very proud of him for working with me without complaints! He is such a sweet caring boy. I hope he will continue to work as a volunteer throughout his life.